Our Infrastructure

Smart Class Room

St. Stephen’s Indian School provides a classroom environment which is enriched with all the facilities to foster effective learning and excellence. Our classrooms are equipped with well-furnished desks and air conditioning systems to make the learning environment comfortable for the students.

Art Room

We believe that every child has an artist hidden inside him. The Art Room at St. Stephen’s Indian School will offer students a room to enhance their creativity and imagination. The Art teacher will help the students in drawing, painting, crafts work, best out of waste, and clay modeling. We aim that they will learn to think and act like artists, working creatively and intelligently.

Computer Lab

“Technology opens the doors to the world.” In the latest trend of education, technology plays a major role. At St. Stephen’s Indian School we intend to provide the students with a fully equipped computer lab with highly qualified teachers who will assist the students in computer related operations like executing project work, collecting information from multiple search sources and creating multimedia presentations.

Music Room

The Music Room is intended to be well equipped with a variety of classical and western musical instruments. The well trained music teacher will train the children in both the disciplines of instrumental and vocal music. Students will be encouraged to develop their talents and skills from an early stage.

Medical Room

We intend to accommodate a well-furnished medical room, with all the necessary medical aids available. The facilities of the medical room will be available to everyone during the school hours. Regular medical check-ups will be conducted in the school to keep a check on the health issues.

Transport Facility

Presently, School’s own and authorized contract buses are plying on scheduled routes. Admission to the school does not necessarily mean allocation of a seat in the bus. In case of change in residence, bus facility cannot be guaranteed. Bus users are advised to reach the respective bus stop ten minutes before the scheduled time.

Our Features

Financial Assistance to Needy Students

We provide financial support to the needy students who are financially week but good in studies.

Reading Opportunities

As children develop as readers, they eagerly read books they can comprehend, learn from, and enjoy.

A Variety Of Assessment Tools

Teachers and administrators, who regard assessment as informative, select and administer assessments according to the needs of individual students.

A Positive Campus Climate

Administrators and staff create campuses that are welcoming to their students and their families and that contribute to students' successful progress as readers.

Professional Development

Teachers take part in frequent, relevant and continuous professional development that focuses on the implementation of good classroom reading instruction that meets the needs of all students.

Sound Administrative Practices

Administrators work to determine that all of the resources of the campus, including staff time, are allocated to meet the goal of successful reading instruction for every student.

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