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St. Stephen’s Indian School is a name that stands for its vision to provide students a modernly-designed holistic learning environment to explore, create and grow as global citizens of tomorrow.

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Our School is committed to educate and nurture all the students so that they may grow towards responsible global citizenship.
"We Share, We Care, We Pursue Excellence". A building made with walls holding tomorrow inside.

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The infrastructure aims at balancing academic & non- academic development needs of a child.
We ensure that our students get the best facilities & freedom which we understand is important to bring ease in learning.

Expert Teachers

The School has well qualified teachers to impart education to our Students. We have expert teachers. They provide best way to read & learn to students. Early childhood education begins at home, and there are numerous books.

Better Environment

We provide the best environment to our Students to grow and learn. We respect the dignity and worth of our children. We believe that all children can be nurtured to their full potential, we believe character is the real foundation of all worthwhile success…...

Books & Library

Valuable books and a rich library having spacious sitting arrangement. The library is well equipped with all the learning resources material ranging from primary level to secondary level. Library is a free space for all the students to read and learn.

!!! At St. Stephen’s Indian School, We Aim to Provide a Better School, A Better World!!!

At St. Stephen’s Indian School (Affiliated to CBSE), we believe that education must go beyond equipping a child with the knowledge and skills required to "prepare" him or her for life; rather, it must integrate the child’s growth and evolution into everyday life, so that learning is authentic, meaningful and rooted in the ‘real-world’ from the very first day of school, and the transition into each life-stage is natural and dynamic. Thus, as educators we dedicate ourselves to provide a gentle, holistic system that teaches children to work together, to recognise and respect each other’s strengths and leverages them to mutual advantage, all with the complete and total support of family, school and the community, as they each mesh into one large and beautiful fabric of living and learning.

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A child is full of wonders. For him there is so much to explore and a lot of more to discover. At St. Stephen’s Indian School Omaxe city, Sec-15, Bahadurgarh, Haryana, we work tirelessly to build and strengthen character that will not crumble when tested in the crucible in life, and to develop qualities of good leadership that can be employed in the future for the creation of a superior nation.

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Easy Admission Process

We manage all admissions processes easily, efficiently & in a hassle-free way so that it will be easy for all parties involved. Admission to school made easy with St. Stephen’s Indian School. Select & apply with a single online and offline admission form.

Multimedia Class Facility

We provide the students chances for interacting with diverse texts that give them a solid background and content of courses. A stress-free learning environment that is vital for children dealing with pressure both inside and outside the classroom.

Smart Class Room

We have monitored classrooms providing a conducive and comfortable environment. They are equipped with interactive smart boards and projectors with incorporated study materials. The classrooms are well designed both aesthetically and functionally.

Co-Scolastic Activities

Co-scholastic activities take what students are learning inside or take place outside of the classroom, helping students to develop their personalities and physical aptitude. Examples of our co-scholastic activities include: Robotics, Maths, Abacus etc

Books & Library

Valuable books and a rich library having spacious sitting arrangement. The library is well equipped with all the learning resources material ranging from primary level to secondary level. Library is a free space for all the students to read and learn. Our Library provides a good and effective learning platform to all the students which well enriched books and reading material.

Sports & Games Training

We offer a wide range of games and sports. Our facility includes playing fields for Cricket, Soccer, Basketball, Volleyball, Table Tennis, Badminton, Cycling, Skating, Chess, and Tennis Courts. There is emphasis on team spirit.

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Personalized Learning

Students practise at their own pace, first filling gaps in their understanding and then accelerating their learning.

Trusted Experts

Created by experts, Coursector library of trusted practice and lessons covers maths, science, and more.

Empower Teachers

With Us, teachers can identify gaps in their students’ understanding, tailor instruction

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“Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful talent with the children of our school! You have truly been an inspiration to them and have gotten them EXCITED about writing! Your love and excitement for storytelling shines through every story you tell and every lesson you teach.”

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