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    We understand and value the significance of brushing up the students right from the tender age to study, observe, gain and incorporate understanding through organized, balanced and logically designed student centric training programmes. This is to ensure that each child has embarked on a physical, cerebral and societal journey of inquisitiveness and reason.

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    So our curriculum is comprehensively designed to make learning fun, practical, live and experimental in order to prepare each little champ for bigger challenges. Within a safe and stimulating environment, we focus on both – the curriculum as well as the skill development. In order to understand the various levels of comprehension, the students are periodically assessed using creative assessment tools in all subjects.

    Our dedicated teachers adopt the methodology that well suits the child’s inherent pursuit to discover and learn by “doing”. Sequential and scientifically designed tools are used for different learning activities meant for multi-sensory aspects and individualized education. Our dedicated Staff use different types of intelligences for their learning process.

    We motivate our students to discover and probe; merge and attach; spread and connect; preserve and demonstrate what they learn.


    • Students should always carry this diary to school.
    • Lending or borrowing money and other articles are not permitted.
    • The school will not be responsible for the loss of any item. Students are
      advised not to bring valuable things like costly watches, Jewellery etc.
    • Students who use the school bus should follow safety and conduct
      regulations. Buses are extension of school and discipline should be observed and enforced. Drivers have in complete charge of buses and he will report on any misconduct on the part of students.
    • Students must attend school in proper uniform.
    • Students must carry school identity cards every day.
    • Maintain regularity and punctuality at all cost.
    • The school possesses the right to take severe action and even to expel a
      student from school who is found guilty of misconduct.
    • Treat school property with care as you would do at home.
    • Be proud of your institution and make every possible effort to raise its image.